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The Avid S3L has multiple USB slots, including an internal slot specifically designed to hold the supplied iLok USB dongle for licenses. See the S3L System Guide (PDF) for more information.

Internal iLok

To manage an internally installed iLok, it is possible to install the PACE iLok License Manager on the Windows desktop of the S3L so that the licenses can be managed without removing the iLok.

The S3L is old enough that the latest versions of the License Manger unfortunately will not work. The last known working version is

Below is a table of tested License Manager versions, and whether they work with the S3L.

Version Works? Info / MD5
5.0.0 No The PACE driver is too new. (*) Yes 83803f7f5dd233a9c7198526c7b5675d
2.4.8 No The PACE driver is too old.

(*) A direct link to the installer is no longer available from https://www.ilok.com/#!resource/legacy, so I've uploaded a copy that I have to Google Drive and provided the MD5 sum of the file. If you are able to find an official copy of the installer, please use that instead and kindly send me a link so I can update the link.

(If you work for iLok, could you provide an official link to the version as it is the last one that worked with the S3L with the updated PACE driver provided by Avid.)


If the License Manager crashes when signing in, connect a second iLok that was recently synced with the iLok servers to another USB port. Try running the License Manager and signing in again, with both iLok dongles attached. This seems to mitigate (but not fix) the crashing issue.