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The Avid S3L console (including the updated Avid S3L-X version) is an amazing digital console. Anyone who has used an older Avid console (e.g., the Avid D-Show or Avid Profile) will be right at home with the Avid VENUE software interface, meaning they can jump straight to crafting their mix.


This site focuses on non-standard solutions to problems that many S3L users are curious about. Information abounds on the internets for how to use the console for normal situations. Google is your friend for finding it.

None of the information on this site is endorsed or supported by Avid. Do not contact Avid about anything you have read here!


Information and solutions provided:

Avid S3L (including the S3L-X)

Avid provided

Avid E3 Engine

Avid Stage 16

Avid S3 Console


The security model of the Avid S3L console was never designed for it to be attached directly to an open, unprotected internet connection. If you decide to connect the device to a network that connects to internet, please ensure that connection is secured with a firewall!!

The embedded Windows 8.1 installation has few open ports, but the multiple embedded Linux devices in the Avid E3 Engine, Avid Stage 16 stage box, as well as the Avid S3 Console all have some open ports with practically zero protections in place.

Ideally, the Avid S3L would only be connected to an isolated network with devices dedicated only to the task at hand, with no other devices.